Texture from Substance designer with weird artifacts (compression?)

Hey folks!

Any of you are having troubles using Substance Designer 5.1 in Unreal Engine 4.13.1??

When I use any of my sbsar files on UE4, I’ve got some weird artifacts… seems to be something about the file compression. But I’m unable to do any change in the texture. I’ve set my texture resolution to max. Doesn’t help…

You can see in the attached image below a sample of the material on SD and the same material in UE4.

Any suggestions?

Do you see same artifacts if that texture is mapped to flat plane.

Unfortunately, that’s the best you can get from SD in UE4. In both the UE4 and Unity implementations, they use the CPU engine. The downside of this is that it only does 8 bit whereas for decent normals you really need 16. We had to ditch Substances due to this issue and bake them in Substance Player first.

Yes, in the picture attached the material is apllied to a wall that is flat. But even if it isn’t, the material would have to be the same as in Substance Designer…

****! Are you sure about that?
Your information falls like a poop in my head!
I was so excited to be able to change material settings at runtime, that would be so convenient.
Well, So Then the SD integration with the EU4 is almost unuseful… :mad:

In case someone have the same problem:

I just figured out that is the default output settings in SD that is causing the problem… To solve, I just changed some settings in the normal output node on the integration Attributes tab as follow:

Format: RGBA(32b)
Mipmaps: No Mipmap
Usage: RGB

And also I changed some settings in the roughness output node:

Format: RGBA(32b)
Mipmaps: No Mipmap
Usage: RGBA

This changes solved the problem!

I posted about this issue on the Allegorithmic forums a few months back and eventually solved it by setting the node before each output to absolute 8bit and I think that solved the issue entirely. If not, then I coupled it with no mipmap.

Hi All,

The Unreal Engine does support the Substance GPU engine, via project settings in the UE4 Editor menu. We are also updating the plugin soon to support improved texture compression (BC4/5 instead of DXT5) to help improve artifacts caused by texture compression.

Good news everyone!

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