Texture Flashing - Moire Effect Problem?

So I’m using Showcase Viewer to make final renders and for reasons unknown the texture is flashing really quickly on and off, while at rare moments it stops completely. I’ve dug through and found out that this issue is called the “Moire Effect” and dear lord is it annoying and I need help something fierce. I textured the model in Quixel and everything looked fine, I even went as far to double check again to see if all of the faces were in the right direction and they are. I did find this post about the same issue and even went through it changing my settings but the problem persists, if anyone could help me out that’ll be fantastic.

if anyone can help me out on the issue that’ll be fantastic.

that does not look like a moire issue. more like z-fighting actually since the untextured version seems to be showing the default grey checkerboard material.
is there even the slightest possibility that you have duplicated the geometry of the character somewhere along the process? should be easy to check by opening the mesh and seeing if there is a second material slot with the default grey material applied.
if that’s not the case more information is necessary to find the cause of the issue.

I expierience a similar flicker when I use materials with tesselation and displacement…

When I made the model I made sure that none of the objects were intruding one another, maybe theres a few edges of the hair zfighting with the mesh but to my knowledge it’s fine model wise and I’ll double check just to be sure. I also made sure that the model itself wasn’t duplicated before exporting, I would had noticed that noticeable flickering and as I said before I textured the model in Quixel Suite DDO and it looked fine.
As for the somewhat rouge material slot maybe that might be the issue, but I made just as many material slots as needed for the mesh before exporting, and when imported the exact material slots showed up. By that statement I mean similar to substance painter where you have to assign a material to an object of a mesh for it to be recognised, so for exaple: 1 blank grey material for the mesh, 1 for the weapon, 1 for the sunglasses, ETC.

As for KVogler I’ll doublecheck my settings and make sure that the material doesn’t have tesselation on, but I didn’t use a displacement map. I did however turned off sRGB and changed from Color to Linear Color on my roughness because with it on the texture would look kind of plastic-like.

Either way I’ll double check everything again and post pictures of my materials and settings when I get home in a little while.

Well I did some experimenting and I figured, what the hell I might as well see if it’s the plugin and not anything on my end. Sure enough when I made a normal level the flashing issue I’m having is gone. So I advise anyone thinking about buying Showcase Viewer from the marketplace - don’t