Texture drastically changes color when saving

Hey guys,
So I’ve been working on some low poly assets and for that I’m using a single 8x8 texture to get the colors in.
Now this has been working yesterday, but when I imported an adjusted texture today, it changed it’s colors in a way that I’ve not seen before.
I think this might be a compression issue as I can kind of “fix” it if I change the compression settings to HDRCompressed from Default.
Thing is, I don’t know if it’s smart to do something like that. I want to keep these assets as optimized as possible for every platform, so I figured I’d ask you guys on here before doing something like that.

Attached here are two pictures, one being before saving, the other being after saving the texture (inside UE4, that is).

Hoping for some answers that might clear up if I’m doing something wrong here.