Texture doesn't match up with model

Hey, I’m having a problem with getting my texture to apply to my model correctly. I imported both the .fbx model and the .psd texture. I then made a new material and plugged the .psd into the Base Color node. However, when I applied the material to the model the texture did not line up properly. I’m not a modeler but the person I got the files from is positive that he exported both files correctly, so we’re pretty sure that I’m doing something wrong. I tried rotating the .psd 90, 180, and 270 degrees, but it never correctly lined up. I tried to attach the files but they were too large. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you post screenshots? Of what the texture looks like in the modeling program, what it looks like when applied inside UE4?

So I haven’t gotten my modeler to send me the correct picture, but basically the white part is supposed to be on the top of the cone and the body of the cone is supposed to be brown. All of the black shouldn’t be there.

I’ve asked him for the correct looking picture and will send that as soon as I get it.

Textures are applied to the first UV channel by default. Maybe in his modeling program he has been editing the texture UVs in the second channel.

I showed him your reply and he said: “That’s definitely not it because I exported the original.”