Texture Density viewmode / track memory usage of textures and browse the data?


For example, if i have scene with lots of assets and i need traced the high-res textures on surfaces or check number of texels per world space unit… so i have some questions:

1) Texture Density viewmode
Unreal Engine 3 has Texture Density viewmode (console command: viewmode texturedensity).
Can i display texture density in Unreal Engine 4?

2) Tracking actual texture memory usage
Is there similar tool like Texture Stats Browser Reference in Unreal Engine 3?

3) Display diffuse texture density with checker
This is maybe insane, maybe overkill… Is there any way to show the entire scene with tileable checker, but “checker tiling” = “size of original game diffuse texture” divided by “32” ? (32 is only for example)

Thanks for the answers and have a nice day! :wink: