Texture delighting using Maya and Mental Ray engine

Hi guys,

I’m following the tutorial named “Imperfection for Perfection” published 3 years ago. I’m writing a thesis about the photogrammetry process focus on the delighting part.
I’ve watched also the video “Creating the Open World Kite Real-Time” on youtube but I’m still stuck in this part. At minute 15:35 they talked about delighting: they’ve recreated the same lighting scenario in Maya and they used a script for delight the texture from the model. How did they do that? I really need it for my thesis, it’s just for academic use. I just want to know if anyone knows more than me and can explain how it works in detail.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think it really needs a special script, on location they took HDRI probe photos so that they could replicate the lighting for the object, then they baked out a lighting pass of the object with their faked lighting, from there you have a lighting pass that hopefully matches the original lighting fairly closely, you can then take that in Photoshop probably and use some layer blending to subtract that from the original texture so that the result will be the flat color with no shadows.

I was wondering the same thing myself. I think darthviper is correct. They recreated the lighting in Maya with the 3D object, baked out a lighting pass, then “divided” the lighting information pass they baked out from the original diffuse map. Quite clever. They talk about it here:…fection-part-2
above the animated before/after image.

Reading the last bit, apparently you can achieve similar results using the High pass filter in Photoshop.