Texture bug? Wtf?

Hello clan… I need help with these:

Eye of the player:

Staying seeing off the map:

On the stair and fences

If someone help to fix it, i’ll be grateful.

I’m guessing the model of link you have found has separate eyes as a mesh which will need its own material.
For the fences you’re going to need to use the alpha channel in the materials. Or use an alpha map which is a black and white image.
For the transparent level you’re going to need to set up the normals which is the direction the polys are facing. Either that or set the materials to be 2 sided.

If I’ve gotten the wrong idea of what you’re asking then provide more details of what the issues are.

Just a quick note - Alpha map will be the way to go on the fences for sure.

Did something similar in the past few months.

In the Link case, that I’m analyzing first and which did according to his reasoning I have to import the eye mesh isolated and create a material on thus to make it work?

Edit: I’m mapping the entire 3D model in Max and putting texture by my own to fix the eyes ^^

Edit 2: Eyes working =)
I had two options. Put a textures directly on character with 3ds Max (complex and slow) or use the simple way that was open the material editor on ue4 for eye 1 (blurred with traces) and put opacity and transluced on it.

Edit 3: For transparent level, where I set the poles you quoted?, because I edited the materials for two sided as you said, the material itself and continued the same
thing. If you can help in this regard! =)