Texture black flickering after update to 4.15

video: 2017 03 21 12 26 - YouTube

system specs: win10x64, amd r9-290 gpu, crimson 17.3.1

This bug only appers in mid-close distances and only on inclined surfaces. On the prevoius version of ue 4.14 there was no such problem at all.

already tried: change zbounds, adjust lightmap res, changing AA, changin light density. Plz help :frowning:

Do you have DBuffer Decals enabled? This looks like a known issue regarding meshes with “use as occluder” checked.

You can try these workarounds.

  • Uncheck use as occluder
  • Apply a material that has a value of .1 plugged into pixel depth offset

If you don’t have Dbuffer decals enabled would you mind providing a list of steps that leads to the issue starting from a template/blank project.


Removed “use as occluder” on all meshes with those glitches and its finally PERFECT again. a lot for ur help!!!