Texture based on specific terrain height or slope value

Hello Guys,

i am comming from Unity to be honest. In Unity i used the World Creator asset to generate Terrains for my World. I was searching a lot for Terrain Generation in UE4 but couldnt find anything.

So i hope you guys could help me with some Information about those node based texture Tools… is it possible to generate a World based on filters? Or may it is possible to render textures based on the Terrain height? or the Terrain slopes?

I hope some one could help me out with some Infos.

Thank you really much!

There’s a plugin coming out called Landscape Architect that will generate terrains based on nodes/filters and can even generate voxel terrains. As for the other questions, it’s possible to use shader math to apply textures to slope values or you can use splat masks if you build your terrain in World Machine.