Texture atlasing in UE

Hi folks,

First of all:
I’ve switched from Unity to Unreal Engine.
In Unity i used to combine meshes and textures with a tool called “Mesh Baker” from the Asset Store to save drawcalls. It combined meshes and was generating an atlas texture for that combined mesh.
I could save a lot of drawcalls in a scene with many props.

Now I’m working on project in UE and I’m searching for an easy way to do this in UE too…
Do you even do texture atlasing in UE?
I find so less information on that topic that it made my curious if it’s even needed.

Hope someone could help me on that.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards

You can use Actor Merging tool(Editor Preferences > Experimental > Actor Merging - Enable and restart the editor. Then you’ll see Merge Actors in Window menu) to merge multiple meshes(or BP actors) into a single mesh and even their textures and lightmap UV’s into an atlas if you like.

thanks a lot!
That’s exactly I was looking for.