Texture alignment does not work (or i don't know how to do it)

I can’t get my textures to stay aligned on a geometry object. This is how it looks without alignment.

And this is how it’s supposed to look after the alignment but it doesn’t stay that way. If you know a solution for this please help me :slight_smile:

Hello JaakkoSoini,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately this is a known bug. A bug report has been submitted to the developers and they are currently working on the issue. The jira ticker number is UE-11368 for tracking. We hope to have this taken care of soon and I have assigned myself as a watcher on the issue, so i will make sure to let you know when changes have been made.

Thank you for your patience,

You can alig materials only to brush objects. If you want to alig any material onto static meshes follow my tutorial here: - YouTube