TextRenderComponent->SetText only works when non networked

I have a multiplayer game I’m working on and am using a TextRenderComponent to render the player name above the character.

When I run in single player mode, everything works perfect. The text updates, shows the correct name, its all great.

But as soon as I add players, or even just check the run dedicated server, it doesnt work at all anymore. I would have said replication, but even explicitly calling TextRenderComponent->SetText(Name) on the character class itself doesn’t do anything, client or server.

I have logging setup to show that the name being passed in is working, just the changing of the TextRenderComponent seems to break as soon as the game goes multiplayer.


Please add these lines to TextRenderComponent’s constructor:


If you like to learn more about Networking and Replication in Unreal Engine 4, please go here:

Hope this helped!