Text Render Kerning/Horizontal Spacing Adjust Glitch

Hello. I have been experimenting with some text rendering and have discovered a problem. It seems that when using values greater than 0 for kerning (through importing a font) and/or horizontal spacing adjust (on the text render itself), the kerning/horizontal spacing does not apply to the last character of each word.

Below is a screenshot which shows the problem. Notice how there isn’t sufficient spacing between the last two characters of each word:

Any thoughts on why this is happening or how to fix it? I tried it with the fonts included with the UE4 editor as well as my custom font as seen below. The results were the same for both fonts.

Hi DVersiga84,

I can’t seen to reproduce what you’re seeing, could you post a screenshot of your blueprint setup?

The blueprint screenshot above is all you need. It’s just a simple blueprint with a static mesh and text renders. No event graph with a simple construction graph which let’s me input custom text with each blueprint placed in the level.

It happens even without using the above blueprint. Try this to see if you can reproduce the problem: place an independent text render in a level, set the horizontal spacing adjustment to anything above 0.0 (to 5.0 in my case). The updated spacing should be correct except between the last two characters of each word.

Here is another example of the problem. As seen below, I have a simple text render in the level. I set the “Horizontal Spacing Adjust” to a value above 0 (5.0 in this case) and you see that there is no spacing between the last two characters of each word, although the spacing is correct between all other characters. The red arrows highlight this and the fact that “Horizontal Spacing Adjust” is set to 5.0.

Hi DVersiga84,

Thank you for the feedback. I reproduced your issue in 4.1.1, but it seems fixed in our internal build. 4.2 should be out very soon, but the fix may or may not be included in that. If not, it will be coming in one of the updates soon after.

Have a good day.

Thanks, TJ

That’s great news. Thanks for your help, TJ.

Just want you to know, TJ, that I downloaded 4.2 today, and the problem has been fixed. Thanks again for your help.