Text is too small in some of the editor UI widgets on 4.18(Mac)

After the update to 4.18 all the text is sharper, but on some of the editors the font is too small and very hard to read. This is the case for the cascade editor, check out the emitters and curve editor in comparison with the rest of the UI. I’m on a 2017 15 inch MacBook pro on OSX 10.13, UE4.18 Launcher version. Check out the screencap:

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Thank you for pointing this out. I was able to reproduce the issue on a MacBook Pro, and have entered UE-51835 to have this investigated further.

Hey, I am having a similar issue using print string from blueprints (MacBook Pro Retina 15" 10.13) the prints and the console are very small and hard to read.

This too, the debug text on the viewport is tiny.

Another rMBP checking in with the same issue on Version: 4.18.0-3709383+++UE4+Release-4.18

Main viewport → Show FPS is almost unreadably small. Same with text for AI perception, and log messages printed to screen.

(Most of the editor UI looks fine, but the viewport text, and a few other UI elements are obviously not scaled correctly.)

For people looking at these screenshots on something other than a retina MacBookPro (or other high-res display), keep in mind the screenshots are captured at Retina resolution, so in the editor we are seeing everything at 50% of this size.

Any way to revert to the old behavior while this gets fixed? There used to be a command line param to launch the editor on high DPI, now that this is on by default, is there a command to disable high DPI?

One of our engineers commented on the ticket that I had entered stating that this isn’t Mac specific, and it is due to Canvas not being scaled properly at high resolutions.

There is an option in Editor Preferences → General → Performance to disable DPI-based scaling (it is enabled by default). However, since this is an issue within Canvas I don’t expect that would help in this case.

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I tried the disable DPI-based scaling option and it didn’t help. I’m also having issues clicking on editor UI controls, like clicking on text boxes in the details panel or Blueprint nodes, buttons that only get pressed when the cursor is on a corner and things like that. Could the canvas not scaling properly have something to do with this?

It is possible that it may be related. I didn’t do any testing for anything other than displayed text size. Can you give an example of specific buttons or text boxes that are giving you trouble, or is this happening throughout the Editor?

Mostly happens in text boxes on blueprint nodes, text boxes on detail panels inside blueprints (have to find a sweet spot to click to be able to edit the text), closing blueprint tabs or docked editor tab (the X button has a sweet spot, clicking on some parts do nothing but you get feedback that the click occurred, maybe the button scales down and the cursor exits the click area before I release?)

It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough to make it very annoying.

Hey , I managed to capture a video of mouse cursor focus issues on the UI, you can see that the button hit boxes are not in sync with their graphic, notice how I’m about half way through the button when the highlight happens and I’m halfway through the next button by the time the highlight switches to that button. Hope this helps.

Edit: here’s the close tab focus issue

Thank you for the additional information. I did some more testing for some of the specifics that you mentioned, but unfortunately did not see anything unusual happening. It all seemed to work normally for me. If it is something that only happens occasionally, I may have just gotten lucky and avoided it when I was looking around.

We have a fix internally for the text size issue. I am going to try to get a hold of that fix and run some more tests with it to see if it corrects everything I have seen so far. If the issue that you are seeing with buttons and text fields is actually related, then this will probably fix that for you as well.

Thanks for looking at it , the issues are not 100% reproducible, I’ll try to find steps to reproduce it more consistently. I have my MBP plugged to an external monitor, maybe it has something to do with the resolution difference between monitors as I drag the editor window from one to the other. Maybe it’s when the computer goes to sleep while the editor is in the external monitor. I’ll do more testing to see if I can nail down more precise steps. In the meantime I look forward to the fix for the text size, do you think we’ll have to wait for 4.19 for the fix?

Hi , I’m running into another issue that I suspect is related to the HI DPI display issue. On Mac, running in HI DPI I’m unable to drag animation notifies past half way trough the animation notify tracks widget. The notify just snaps to the center of the widget and will not move further.

here’s another report of the same issue, I also have the create new notify issue but the workaround works for that one, sadly it doesn’t for dragging notifies.

Can you please take a look at the possible fix you have to see if it fixes this issue or if I should submit another bug report?

EDIT: I just tested on a virtual machine running windows 10 on the same Mac. The issue is indeed related to high display resolution (2880 x 1800 and up), lowering the resolution to 1920x1200 fixes the issue.

I hate to necro the thread, but I’m having this problem on osx. Trying to read nodes text is almost painful.