Text in material, not UMG.

Hi, I know I’ve seen a material node that converts a value into text in the material editor. Evil Nick showed me a node made by “Crazy Ryan” that would do this. I can’t remember the name of it. Basically you could pipe in a scalar and it would output the number with specified decimals.

A little vague but do you mean right clicking on a node in the material editor and selecting convert to parameter then selecting it, details panel and settings its name to text like mainColor and then in your BP you create a dynamic material instance of it and then setScalerParmaeterValue or SetVectorParameter value or whatever type of parameter it is (it will tell you when you select the node)

This should get you where your going.

Hope this helps
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Absolutely not.

Ryan Brucks made a node that converts incoming values into text within the material. It would save me the work of rebuilding it if I could find it.

It’s a node that takes an incoming value and converts it into text within the material. You don’t need a blueprint to make the value show up. It’s a lot like a digital readout. I made one and posted it a trillion years ago in the unreal 3 forums but I can’t find that either.

YES! Thanks!

You are looking for the debug nodes i think?