Text Colour Animation fails in Actor Sequence

I have a menu button blueprint (containing a number of sprites plus a text mesh - it’s for a 3D VR menu) which I am animating between inactive and active states using an Actor Sequence embedded inside the blueprint. It is working fine except for the text colour.

For test purposes, I’ve set the text colour on the DefaultText object to green, and set the inactive/active Actor Sequence to animate it from red to magenta. This works perfectly within the button blueprint - the text shows as red by default and changes if I scrub the sequence.

However, the menu blueprint that contains instances of the button does not show the animated colours, nor does the PIE runtime. It only shows the base green colour set on the object. This setup DOES work correctly for all the sprites in the button which also have animated colours - it’s only the text object that doesn’t. The fact that it does work in the blueprint editor and does work on sprites makes me think I’ve set it up correctly, and it’s a bug with the text rendering or sequencer.

I’m using version: 4.18.1-0+++UE4+Release-4.18
Plus the Actor Sequence (Experimental) BETA 0.1 & Actor Sequence Editor (Experimental) BETA 0.1

SOLVED. The offending track was the only one I still had set to “Restore At End” instead of “Hold At End”. Test colours showed when it WAS taking effect, briefly.