Testing without the Oculus

Im still waiting for my new Oculus to ship but I already build a small game. I read some of the optimization guidelines and right now when I run my game in regular standalone mode it runs smooth on 90fps and 10ms. How much worse will this get on the Oculus?

Is there any other way to test it? I had an Oculus running with my computer so I have the proper software installed but I guess without one connected I can’t get the Oculus like view?

Currently, running into stereo will cause you to take a 40-50% performance hit. In my experience, projects that hover around 160-170 fps usually run at a smooth 75 on the Rift. As far as I know, there isn’t really a way to emulate stereo view without having a Rift plugged in.

I think there is a way, but i haven’t tested it personally:

Try “-emulatestereo” on the command line

Also check this:

Like the link says, I usually put ‘hmd sp 100’ and that way it runs around 75fps. Looks quite blurry but I think that’s about the best you can do for now with standard PC’s with good ram and graphics card. Oh and also this is with just one asset in a empty scene with nothing else :frowning: