Testing raytraced shadows. A few questions.


I’m trying to setup the most simple scene possible to test dynamic raytraced shadows.
I would like to have no sky, no skylight, no AO, no GI and no shadow maps. Just a simple direct light with raytraced shadows.

I can’t seem to get good quality. I believe I need to increase the distance field resolution, but I can’t find any documentation on how to do this.
I’d also like to try the soft shadows, I cannot find this setting.
In addition, I can’t find documentation on how to disable the shadow maps system. Is there a switch ON/OFF anywhere?

This is my scene and light settings:



You’ll need to set cascaded shadow maps distance to 0 in order to see ray traced shadows from directional lights in close distance.

More info here:

Thanks Jacky. But that link seems to be a showcase more than documentation, in the sense that they don’t show you where in the user interface you can change that parameter.
In fact, I believe that the documentation doesn’t explain how to get to the results they show on the images.
Is there a complete documentation? How do you do when you need to know where a parameter is?
Thanks again.

There arent any other setting for distance field shadows than what you show in your screenshot really. For directional lights you’ll need to tweak cascade and distance field shadow distance parameters to get the looks you want. And it is far simpler for point and spot lights since it is just a tick box that enables distance field shadows.

Static meshes themselves have some settings in static mesh editor though.

Distance Field Resolution Scale
Generate Distance Field as if TwoSided

Most of the time you can ignore them but you may need to increase/enable them depending on the complexity of your mesh.

It seems that, even with “use raytraced distance field shadows” checked, I’m not getting raytraced shadows.
If I lower “Dynamic Shadow Distance MovableLight” to 0, I get no shadows at all. I assume that this is the parameter you were referring to

On the image below I have “Dynamic Shadow Distance MovableLight” in 1000 (before reaching 0).

Simple scene2.jpg

Yeah, that’s the one. You need to set a value for Light Source Angel, though in order to get smooth shadows.


It’s just that I don’t get shadows, with the exact same settings you have.
I added a point light to the scene. No shadows whatsoever.

It’s like there’s something here that’s not working on my end. Could it be the hardware options?

(Thank you for your answers!)

Simple scene3.jpg

Those are not static meshes but BSP’s i believe? That is one of the limitations of distance field shadows as far as i can remember. Try it with static meshes and you’ll get shadows. You shouldnt be using BSP’s in your final product anyway so it isn’t a big deal really.

Yes!! that was it. Thanks!