Testing AR with Windows and webcam?

Hi, there is any way to test AR template on windows with a USB webcam?

Hi **Hermyth. **No way. Because AR functionality is provided by ARKit or ARCore libs that can run only on iOS or Android devices.

Thank you.

There are ways of doing this but they need to be implemented by Epic, the AR SDK developers (Google, Apple) or a third-party plugin developer. In the case of Unity, their ARKit plugin includes a remote that allows you to stream the camera and ARKit data to a desktop computer running the project in the Unity editor. I’ve used this on Mac OS but I believe it’s supposed to work on Windows too. We are now developing using UE4 and it’s been a pain to have to build to the device each time we want to test something. As a workaround I’m detecting if the project is running on PIE and then spawning a virtual room geometry in the scene and using standard ray traces. At least it is good enough for testing interaction logic. I’m sure a solution will come in the near future for UE4.

Maybe this can be of help:

I did not try it yet but should work as a mock-device