Testers for prototype

We’re working on our backend structure and would like to get some volunteers to test the registration page, the prototype launcher, and the db operations from the current testbed prototype of the game.

Currently, the registration page is up. Within a few days, we plan to put up test servers for the game.

Project Title:

Colony[SUP]2[/SUP] is a multiplayer RPG.

Team Name:
Rhynedahll Software LLC

Talent Required:
Volunteer Testers

  • Test and provide feedback


E-mail: [EMAIL=“rhynedahll@colonysquared.com”]rhynedahll@colonysquared.com

Email Sent.

Thanks for participating. :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for a few more volunteer testers.

Account Registration

Colony[sup]2[/sup] Launcher

Maybe post some screenshots or a video of the game.

And share some more information. So people can get excited for it :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: There’s nothing to get exited about. We’re testing the backend – the registration webpage, the databases, the registration process, game download, and the C# launcher. The game itself is just an incomplete prototype with placeholder everything. We have the servers up and the game is playable (on higher end hardware), but the models are not optimized, the map is unfinished, and the game mechanics are stubs.

We’re gathered some feedback and have already fixed several issues with the launcher and know that the interface needs an overhaul. For one, we’re going to add a password reset mechanic and make the login process more linear.

Today, we’re cleaning up our in house models and reducing textures (in one case, 36 to 3). Next week we plan to tighten up the game and start working on bugs and fleshing out the various stubs.

Screenshots, Youtube vids, and basic play information are in this thread: Colony[sup]2[/sup] WIP Thread