Test on HTC Vive Pro

Hi Folks,

I’m starting some test building my first ar app for android.

I was unluky to find any info on how to create an augmented reality app using UE4 ….track image ect ect.

My question is:

Is possible to emulate ar apps on HTC vive pro?

I would like test my app without packaging every time a single application just to test the blueprint (and is a struggle because i’m a newbie)

Anyways , is someone have any tutorial/information on how to build an app using Arcore SDK’s and Ue4 will be terrific!!!

The poor documentation on Arcore website and the unreal documentation aboit it is not sufficent in order to start projecting an app with basic info.

I know i’m a newbie but in VR case is very easy find out how you can set an action or how you can build something.

Sorry for my potato english!

For mobile AR have a look here - ARKit 1.5 Image Detection in UE4 4.20 | by Joe Graf | Medium
For some mobile development the Remote Session Plugin can help - Using Remote Session Plugin for iOS Development | Unreal Engine Documentation (however as of yet I haven’t managed to get it to pick up on ARKit functionality)
Vive Pro is PC so you can simply play in editor to VR for testing

I will test if with HTC Vive pro is possible to run AR session (for sure is possible ,i mean in my case)

Thank you for the tips!

I don’t think a Vive Pro can run an ARSession. You will find that HTC have some plugins with links from their Vive Developer forums that provides some AR functionality.