Tessellation won't work on flat shapes or landscape.

So I’ve been trying to create a material with tessellation but something seem’s to be wrong.

In the preview mode the material looks fine and the stuff popups on sphere shape but if i change it to a flat shape it just messes up and when applied to a flat shape or landscape it is still the same but if i apply it to a sphere shape in-ue it works.

Material: Screenshot - 8456793a96783960b2856801526d84e0 - Gyazo
Landscape: Screenshot - 88096cf121d3611192c49e5a55fbbf56 - Gyazo
Shapes: Screenshot - dd037037fde6454ed50a72237accb5a8 - Gyazo

I’ve tried changing tessellation mode to both flat and pn triangle with crack free… enabled and adaptive tiling disabled. It would be real helpful if someone could point out the problem, thanks.

Edit: Increasing the size of texture makes it work