Hello All!,

Today I was creating materials on ue 4.16 and i wanted to add tessellation and i have kinda achieved this to work except a couple of things that is not to my required liking.

Image 1:

As You can see this is the tessellation part of my material blueprint but what is on the preview is not what i desire. So How do i make this like an actual rock?

Image 2:

Also when i apply any of my materials that have tessellation on does not actually load onto my meshes (yes it is set to the desired material) so how do i stop this and get the material to load? Please Help!

(EDIT: The reason the material doesn’t go onto the meshes is because i tried to apply the materials to the geometry meshes so i changed them from geometry to the basic cubes and the material was applied although the material was applied the material’s tessellation wasn’t present)

Your displacement strenght is just too strong due to object radius. Multiply it by something small.

Thank you so much you helped me a lot!