Tesselation not subdividing evenly?

Hello! I have implemented tesselation and displacement for my terrain, but I have an issue with how it’s tesselating it.

As you can see, it doesn’t subdivide the triangles evenly, instead, it creates hyper-dense sections along the edges of the original triangles.
Meaning I get poor tesselation in the mid sections and extremely performance intensive tessellation along the edges, and it causes visual artefacts and just looks poor.
Why is this happening and how do I ensure it stops happening?

The transitions between the hyper-dense and lower tesselated areas cause cracks.

These are the tesselation settings.

I also manage the tesselation falloff manually through the material and have disabled the default falloff in the landscape settings:

But to be clear, the issue also happens with the default falloff settings.

Any suggestions?

This behavior It is perfectly fine and expected, as new LOD vertices are slided in from the edges, you’ll observe denser tessellation on those region, while LOD is in transition.
Poor LOD setting on landscape is the cause.

Also, there is no reason to use crack free displacement on landscape.

The issue was indeed due to LOD distribution, I have to use rather extreme settings due to the size of my landscape, as somewhat normal settings lowers my performance from 70fps to 20.
Perhaps I should look into making distant landscapes a background and instead use level streaming for when the player approaches other areas at some point.