Tesselating specific material using layerblend

Is there a way to have tessellation on only one material when using layer blend on a terrain? I am probably doing it wrong but I have 4 materials I’m using on this test terrain but the displacement from the material I want to have tessellated is showing over the entire terrain, including where other materials are. The layerblend members are all set to weight blend except the disp one which is set to height blend.

Instead of connecting your world displacement and tessellation directly into the final material, plug them into the correct channels of another layer blend node(s), then plug the layer blends into the final material.

I would personally not do it this way though, it would be better to seperate your material layers into their own material functions. (I like to have a genetic ‘Landscape Layer Blender’ material function, that takes in texture inputs and other parameters and output a single final material). Then have a master landscape material that layer blends together as many material functions as you want.

This would give you much more control over each layer and what each layer does / looks like. You could even have two generic material functions, one that uses tessellation, and one that does not.

Yeah I started to rework it using a triplanar method and think I’m getting close but still trying to figure how to incorporate that into the terrain layers, if it’s even possible. This is where I’m at currently-