Terrible rendering performance in (Test / Shipping) vs Debug

We’re spawning in a few thousand basic cubes at runtime, and have fantastic performance running a DebugGame build out of Visual Studio (with a debugger attached, no less!), but running the “Test” build configuration (both Win32 and Win64), which is like a shipped build but with profiling enabled, we get horrible render performance - fps: 200 vs ~20.

Why is there such terrible performance in what should be the superior build configuration? The render thread and GPU are getting totally hammered!


Is this not a rendering question? I presume it’s tied somehow to the way the renderer works in different build configurations, thanks to the frame time increasing only on the GPU and Render threads.

‘Test’ if Release with stats and profiling enabled, GPU profiling can have heavy impact on performance.

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it in a fully shipped Win64 build and still had far worse performance than a DebugGame project with the debugger attached (and displaying Stat UNITGRAPH etc).

That’s really odd. Can you open an answerhub ticket so we can help you out better?

Done: [4.6] Terrible rendering performance in (Test / Shipping) vs Debug - UE4 AnswerHub

It’s not much info I know, but we can’t just roll a new project etc, so we definitely need some ideas on what to test/check.

Hey HateDread, did you get a chance to try 4.7? A bunch of improvements came with it.

We are having the same issue on UE4.16.3, on Development package GPU thread is on 16ms, while on shipping package is on 22ms!!??

We need help with this please!