Terrible Physics Performance

Hey all,

I’m running into performance issues when rendering a couple thousand physics-enabled objects. My test is pretty simple: I generate 2,500 “rock” actors (from the sample materials), enable “simulate physics” on them, and give them a rotation and impulse on game start.

The scene lags pretty badly with just rotation at first, but setting “Update Only If Rendered” on the RotatingMovement component fixes that – smooth as butter. Thing is, I can’t find any similar settings for physics in particular, and occlusion culling isn’t helping because the game is still calculating physics updates for every object even if they aren’t on screen.

The only alternative I can think of is to have actors use “InterpToMovement”, but it’s way less convenient to have to force them to move to a specific point (rather than indefinitely).

I feel like I’m just missing something – I’d be surprised if I’m hitting engine limitations. Any ideas?

I am not quite sure, but I think you can use just one Actor/Static Mesh and make all the other as instances. This is usually done when things are applied to many objects at the same time.