Terrible job on the new forum

The new forums literally make me nauseous (seriously). Like actually dizzy and makin’ me wanna hurl. I would love some customization options because right now I am completely avoiding the site due to that. Got frustrated and came here looking to see if anyone else had an issue…


I was using one of the old tutorials here to build a VR project. But after the terrible new updates, all the images in the post seems to have been now replaced with some other random images from a different thread. How can I keep working on my project now? The images were literally the guide to build a complex blueprint system!

Thank you so much for the Epic push back to my deadline guys!


One of my old threads has the exact same issue, utterly random images I never posted replaced my own.

Can you link / add the affected thread here:

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I’ve added a reply to your thread with the link. I just hope they get it fixed ASAP.

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Hey all - wanted to chime in with a few updates.

Our top priorities right now are to fix the links, update the images bug, and restore the posts that went missing during the migration. We’ll also be restoring your ability to edit posts—we have some configuration we need to sort out on the back end.

While we work on that, we’re gathering all the feedback on the aesthetic of the site and passing that to our designers so we can work on adjusting the main theme and/or generate additional themes.

Appreciate you all taking the time to share your feedback!


For some reason replying to someone’s comment randomly just doesnt show that im replying, looking like its own post. Plz fix.

Edit: Like this exact post


For me it is the opposite… it feels more like playing some kind of game than a technical forum. So while it might increase engagement in some way due being more convenient in some ways, it also reduces the desire of putting thoughts into answers, because it feels less like “I am trying to solve a problem”, and more like “I want to participate in something which feels fun”.


That sounds very good.

And please tell the designers to not only think about the forum as a tool to maximize any kind of engagement, but how to specifically maximize engagement related to problem solving. Because, unlike social media platforms like Discord, Facebook or Reddit, which benefit from basically any kind of engagement, the Unreal forum is only able to serve its purpose if people have an actual motivation to think about problems and solutions, rather than just feeling rewarded for participating in a community.


There’s too much padding and wasted space. Just look at the giant gap under everyones post. Maybe okay for mobile, but please optimize for desktop usage.


Reserved for giant signatures, surely.

The old forum was not “thriving”. Most of the community already migrated to things like discord and traditional style forums are becoming old fashioned. Epic obviously felt that the old forums was obsolete and needed a facelift. The new software achieves this.

Replies that come immediately after the post have the reply indicator suppressed, since it’s the next one in the sequence. Once more folks reply, it’ll show up:

Hey all - quick Friday update!

Here we go:

  • Most of the links should be functioning as expected now. There’s a specific case where some may not be working, but we were able to address most of them in the latest script.
  • The missing topics and posts have also been restored.
  • The jumbled image business should be fixed.
  • We’ve restored edit access to the first post on topics in categories like Marketplace, WIP, Released Projects, and the Community Content so far.

Please let me know if you still see any strange behavior on the above fixes, and we’ll circle back on the design items soon.

EDIT: Apparently I got excited and jumped ahead a little. The script is still running, so everything may not be at 100% just yet :open_mouth:

EDIT EDIT: It’s done!


Maybe to you, but not everyone needs to have an immediate active discussion that would benefit from a chat client like Discord. “Old fashioned” technical forums are drastically preferred for things like finding other people who had the same/similar problem as you might be experiencing and seeing what their solution was. The old forum might not have had the “engagement” level that want to see, but the true engagement level also includes the number of developers who don’t need to make a new post, because they solved their problem through existing information. You can’t do that in Discord and it’s harder to do that with Discourse.

I mostly lurk or post in non-public subforums here. Most of the time, I can find info that I need without needing to make a new post and waiting to see if someone who happens to have the same problem can comment. I have enough other things going on that I can’t just sit in a Discord server and try to have an active conversation with the same goal. Does that help some people? Absolutely, but it is a completely different style of interaction than is expected from a forum.


Not quite there Amanda :grimacing:.

My forum thread is still missing posts and pages that I link to directly from the marketplace [Questions] section for support-answers. Visitors are now greeted with:

  **" Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."**  

Nonetheless, I emailed marketplace support today and they are aware of all the ongoing issues.

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Oh, I have noticed right now that there are replies to a certain user post, and replies for the thread, in general. PLEASE, NO! :scream:

I also lost my subscriptions to interesting threads on the old forums…

And what happened with signatures?


I hear what you’re saying about having an “archive” of information of sorts, but at the same time this industry moves quickly and threads from 5 years ago for example will be answering questions based on old versions of unreal engine which will most likely be out of date to current versions.

However the simple solution is to use the “search” function. Both the new forum and discord has this feature.

Is there at least an option to limit responses per page? Pages helped me to focus my thought process, this new style is just shoveling stuff into my brain indefinitely.

Suggestion: Turn JavaScript OFF, and it’ll default back to Page View. However, since that also breaks most functionality, its not a great solution. Maybe there’s a way to modify browser user-agent or something related, that forces ‘page view’ on? IDK, and sadly there’s no one around from Epic to answer.

In any event, it’d be better if the forums offered a page view / scroll toggle preference / setting. Not sure we can expect that tho, as Epic didn’t even listen to feedback the last time the forums got a facelift in 2017.

There seems to be an invisible hand guiding decisions on here. But that person never posts. Not even Sweeney posts on here anymore. So its better to just have low expectations and accept the forums for what they are, a last resort for those who’ve tried all other channels or options elsewhere. :wink:

@Amanda.Schade @VictorLerp

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One thing that would be helpful: When browsing a category in the forum, it currently shows us the title of the thread and the date/time of the latest activity; it would also be helpful to know when the topic was created (i.e., the date of the first post in the thread). For example, if a thread is called “Latest Engine Version Has Problems With Widgets Disappearing,” and the most recent activity is today, I might think that the thread is about v 4.26, which is relevant to me because that’s the version I’m working in. But if the thread started three years ago, I know that it’s not about 4.26 and I can ignore it.

That’s an extreme example, but I have had plenty of situations in which I clicked on a thread thinking it was relevant and then realized it was an old topic that people who aren’t me still want to discuss.