Terrible job on the new forum

Okay … sorry Epic staff, I love you and appreciate the work you guys do and all of that but… who thought this new forum was a good idea?

It looks terrible, all the links now from all over the web, bookmarks, old posts etc. are now broken, signatures are gone.

We can’t even seem to be able to edit old posts, like say the first post in a thread that is frequently used to put updated information.

And lots of other little annoyances and issues that I won’t bother going through.

Sigh, sorry but I just gotta say I hate this.


Personally, looks alright (But needs a little more texture, something to look similar to the ue4 editor would be pretty cool.) but it seems there were fixes to something that wasn’t broken, in turn breaking it.

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K-Boom… :sweat_smile:

R.I.P. old and proper Forum, :pray:
Who needs a practical tool for communication,
who needs a thriving community,
when you already got the industry by the balls?

Look what happened to Unity,
they f’d up their forum, and destroyed their very thriving community.

2 years later they realized their mistake,
and now they Reverted back to the regular Forum…
(for obvious reasons)

This is better than Unity’s Connect, or whatever it was called,
but still, the Old trusty Unreal Forum is a much Better/Usable tool.

Are we not learning at all? :man_facepalming:


It’s confusing to find some things on this forum, besides I lost my old nickname, I’m sad about it, I can’t even edit it.

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Not sure what was the driving decision from Epic. But I think there are many people that would love to revert back to the old forum system.


100% agree There was nothing wrong with old forums, this fancy new stuff looks even worse than Amazon Lumberyard’s forums.


It’s hard when changing things. I’m sharing my personal experience & it’ll be subjective.

The old forum of kind a slow & it was pretty hard to navigate/reply etc.
Due to that, my engagement was quite low.

But now, I am excited to find of what’s happening here & respond as possible as I can.
May be partly because, I used Discourse based forums for a while & I am used to it.

There are some issues for sure, I hope Epic will work on that. Give them some time.


Every change brings consequences, but as users, it is up to us to adapt.
In the end, they are the ones who make the engine, the community site and there must be some compelling reason for that change.

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In the old forum, there were things that needed improvements and fixes and I’m guessing that rather than work on it with the old forum software they wanted to just switch to a new platform. I think though that many of the issues that people have with the new forums are just the big change rather than things actually being worse, it’s always annoying to try and get used to something new.

I can’t see how to quote-reply anymore on the new forum. Maybe I’m missing where it is at…?

The notification feature is noticeable broken. The only reason I know this thread exists is because I receive an email for each reply to it. I’ve never visited this thread until now, all my notification settings are set to ‘Never’ and I’ve unsubscribed to this thread (in the received email) several times despite not being subscribed (tracking it) to it on the forums. I’ve contacted Epic support directly and they are “looking into it”.


Select the text with the mouse and hit “reply”.

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This. It’s really annoying.

Yeah! I think it’s already reported many times. Hope they would address it soon.


apart from some bugs that I am sure will be solved, this new forums are better to navigate and respond

You can see how the post will look and it works to copy images from the clipboard :partying_face:
Navigation in dark mode with the mobile has also improved a lot
is a Nice work! :ok_hand:

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Ahhh, thank you!

Wow, that is really nice to know :slight_smile:

Agreed. This new format is absolutely horrible. It looks like someone started the website thinking it was for an iPad app or something.

Please fix the navigation. The old format was way better; should have just done a re-skin and re-optimization.

Also, I can’t even edit my old posts!!! This means that all my marketplace asset forum posts are absolutely useless at this point. R.I.P. Unreal Forums.


Things been fixed as far as functionality goes. I still don’t think this is as effective as the old site for forums, but this looks like where it’s going to stay. Glad I’m at least able to modify my old posts again.

Edit again:

Lots of changes made, it looks & functions great!


The new forums literally make me nauseous (seriously). Like actually dizzy and makin’ me wanna hurl. I would love some customization options because right now I am completely avoiding the site due to that. Got frustrated and came here looking to see if anyone else had an issue…