Terrible Frame Rate - Low Game and Draw ms, High Frame ms


I am working on my game for Android, but I am having trouble with a low frame rate.

After attempting to optimize and looking at the stat unit during game play, Game is listed as ~5 ms, Draw is ~9 ms, yet Frame is taking ~21-22 ms, giving me only ~46 fps when I want 60. Here is an actual screenshot with the commands “stat unit” and “stat fps” in use.


This low frame rate issue is only made worse on slower phones and the game can play in slow motion, even though the Game and Frame threads appear to be plenty fast enough for 60+ fps. How can I fix this? The Wiki documentation gives no solution and states that Frame should be just slightly higher than the Draw or Game times - not nearly triple the highest of the two.

Thank you

We are experiencing a similar issue on our VR game, Game, Draw and GPU thread shows up lower than 15 ms. using stat unit, but Frame is about 20 ms :confused: we don’t know what to do with this.

Did you find a solution?