Terrain Textures

Hi guys

im looking in to terrain texturing and have the basics down with setting up the landscape Material for painting textures on to a landscape, but I have a few questions:

Is it possible to apply one texture (without tiling) that textures across the hole landscape and if so then how? I ask this as I want to take a texture from world machine and apply it the the hole Landscape

And my second question is linked to the first one if it is possible to apply one untitled texture across the hole landscape is it possible to have the pained textures up close to the player/camera then have the painted layers fade out over a distance to the single untitled texture and if so how?

I know these are long winded questions so if anyone needs more detail just ask, as a side note if this system were possible it would be use on a very large terrain

thanks guys :slight_smile:

1st: just scale it up with a landscape coordinate node -> you connect it with the uv from the texture node
2nd: take a look at the grass material in the starter content -> there a detail texture is replaced with another texture over the distance :slight_smile: