Terrain Texture masking using heighmap data

Just a quick question.

Would like to use heightmap data per terrain texture layer to procedurally texture a terrain and not exactly sure how to go about it in UE4.

I used it quite frequently in the landscape tool of UDK. I believe it was in the primary terrain layers dialogue. (ie you could select an external heightmap and use it to mask textures onto the terrain)

Is there another way or a new way to accomplish this?

Appreciate the direction. We are pretty excited and UE4 looks awesome… we are starting our port over as we speak… the whole team got wood from this exciting release! Cheers!

Not sure if you can fully see this image but if you can, it calculates 3 different vectors for materials Grass is a full vertical vector, rock is a horizontal vector and it has a transition between where it fades using a mix. Is something like this what you are looking for?

EDIT: To see the image click the link to the attached one just bellow the post. It’s larger and you can read it.

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Thanks but nope. Not what im trying to do

so you just want to use a grey-scale map to act as a mask for painting textures? or are you looking for a way to create a mask for when you are painting textures on the terrain?

Previously I could use .raw files as a heightmap based mask to assign textures to specific terrain areas.

I would like to know how to go about that in UE4.

I have all the raw files and textures etc.

I have already created the terrain material.

I am wondering how I can use the .raw files as a per terrain texture mask with current landscape system

I can’t say Ive done this before. I think I might have found something like it in the documentation. Is this what you are looking for?

YES Genuis!!

this is exactly what I was looking for… I knew they had probably just changed the location it is done…

you sir… are upvoted… much appreciated!!