Terrain Texture issue

Goodmorning Forum! i have a bit of a issue… after Viewing About 6 Different Tutorials on Youtube and Links about Creating Material Layers for the Terrain. ive Tried Every single one. every time i managed to get them to show up on the Terrain Paint Layers to be painted on but for every Time the Materials Dont Paint correctly… no matter how its set up. it just wont paint… except at times it will paint on the black?? but i cant place another material over it… so i cant layer textures over textures… also when i do paint on the black its all Blocky and Large and Square… and i have everything set to paint softly… im soo confused… any idea? :confused:

Thanks -

Could you post an image of your material? :slight_smile:

  1. paint one texture over the entire landscape
  2. after that you can paint the other ones onto it

Sorry after well intense Trying to figure it out i did so now it works i just wish i can figure out how to get it to paint based on slopes of my Terrain D:

Take a look at the vehicle demo. I think there you can see such a landscape material :slight_smile: