Terrain painting with pen pressure?


Please add the support for pen pressure for landscape painting for both intensity and target value. Because “target value” feature does a wonderful job at painting the landscape if used with a pen.


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It does work with wacom, thought I gotta say that it does not feel comfortable for some reason.

Does the value change based on pen pressure as well?

Argh, sorry, I’ve sort of misinformed you. I remember it used to work when painting foliage, so I assumed it also worked with layers and sculpting. I just checked and it is false.

It’s okay no problem.
@DanielW, Is this something that can be taken care of?
Being able to paint with pen+pressure and taking advantage of the whole target value range eliminates the soft blendings and lets us fully use the height blending the way it’s meant to be used.

Yeah, my cheap $50 wacom’s works when sculpting and painting, only because it’s simulating the mouse, so pen pressure is a no-go :\

I have macros on my pen, maybe there is a way to set it up to control the strength?

Hi guys, we did have Wacom pen pressure support for landscape painting in UE3 but I believe in the transition to UE4 the necessary engine support was not brought along. I’ll look into it some more.

Thanks man! :slight_smile:
Keeping an eye on this thread.

Hi @JackP, Any news on this?

The landscape, foliage and mesh paint tool code still supports a pressure value, and in the case of foliage it looks like it’s recently been reconnected for VR controllers when the editor is in VR mode, but unfortunately the UE4 input system does not currently support getting pen/tablet pressure data.

We have a ticket UE-16596 to add this support, but it is marked as backlogged and so it doesn’t look likely that we will be able to allocate resources to this any time soon.

So Sad :frowning: I just got an Intuos Tablet in October and would love to use it with UE4

Vote here:

I don’t think votes there mean anything.

Votes definitely mean something, it quantifies how important it is to the community relative to other stuff.

Well that used to be the general idea behind voting but people (including myself) stopped voting after while for some reason. i.e: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35097)

Backlogged just means we’re not sure when it will get fixed - in this case the bug went untouched for 6 months so the auto backlogger bot backlogged it. Votes and people bringing it up certainly improves the chances it will be fixed. Not voting definitely has no effect :slight_smile:

There are also community folks out there that look through the bugs it doesn’t look like we’ll get to soon, and submit pull-requests to fix them.

Now I’m a little confused. That bug I linked is one of the highest voted ones, if votes matter then why would it go untouched for 6 months? while many other bug reports with way less votes are fixed during the past 6 months, that only makes the voting irrelevant since it’s not a “More votes > Fixing sooner” system.

Simple: Because the Epic engineers don’t care about your votes. It’s disheartening but it’s looking like this is more and more the case. Why even bother having a voting system if it doesn’t stand for anything? A 6 month wait to fix a bug is ridiculous.

So this is backlogged: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-16596)

But when I hover on here I see this text appear:

Can anyone confirm if the feature is working?
I wanted to buy a tablet specifically for this, didn’t get one yet.