Terrain painting problem

When i paint the terrain, it only paints squares

  1. Could you post a picture of your landscape material
  2. Make sure that you use “Circle” as the brush type :slight_smile:

you have painted more than 6 textures onto that segment. Each segment can only have 6 textures applied to it. I think it’s still 6. They were looking to up that can’t remember if that made it in yet. What can happen if you have a complex material and don’t use 100% brush strength and paint over / replace it gets too many layers / textures and then it breaks. and does just the gray, or your shaders haven’t finished compiling.

Can test by picking one of your layers setting strength to max and painting over should clear out any other texture layers and resolve the problem. If that doesn’t and your shaders are fully compiled then your material is messed up.