Terrain Materials

I am new to unreal and struggling to get to grips with it.

I am trying to create a terrain texture with 3 different layers, as I understand it they all need to be in the same material?

I have 4 textures for each layer base, normal, spec and occlusion.

I blend them together like in the photo below


But then when I go to paint the textures, it creates a layer for everything the base, spec, normal and occlusion. Is that correct or have i done something wrong in the material?


The names of the layers in the Layers Blend nodes shall have the same names. so if its “Layer Grass” in the one that goes to the base color, it should be “Layer Grass” in the others too if I remember correct.

When you define the layers in the material you are reusing those names for the spec/normal/etc.

Think of the layers on the terrain as materials.