Terrain Materials Not Blending Properly

Hey people. I am having an issue with terrain painting. It’s the first time I’m trying it, so if there’s an obvious fix - excuse me. Here’s the problem :

Brush is set to 1 falloff, meaning that the transition between those materials should be blurry - instead I get a sharp transition. The puddle area has a normal map attached to it, while the other area doesn’t. Here’s the material set-up :

If you have any other questions, ask away, and if not - please help!

Bumping this!

Can you repost the first pic with your directional light’s “intensity” turned up to a higher value? It’s very hard to see without straining my eyes.

How do you have your layers set up? Can you click on one of your layerblend nodes and post the layer settings that show up on the left side of the screen? Also the same for the layer info in the landscape tab in the scene editor?

I think this is fixed by setting one of your layers to “alpha blend”, but I just started getting into actual landscape creation so I could be very wrong.

I fixed it. I had a ‘0’ plugged to my normal maps for layers 1-3, which is a black color. Changed it to a three-constant - 0.1, 0.1, 1.0 - now it’s a blue color, the way normal maps are supposed to be.