Terrain Material issue

I’m trying to find a beginner friendly tutorial on terrain materials. I’ve followed a couple to get me this far, but I really need something that breaks down how to reduce/eliminate the tiling effect from the texture. I’ve included a snapshot of where I’m at now and the material setup I used. I’d appreciate any advice or references to good tutorials you guys might have.




Fairly broad question, there are a ton of different ways you can approach this.

UV Scaling- you might be tiling too much, reduced the UV tiling and add a detail map to your shader
Tiling within your texture- try reducing the contrast or unique features in your texture to make it more general impression of what you are trying to achieve
Distance Blend- add another map that blends to a different set of textures tiled at a different amount

I also have no idea what you are doing with the height map node in your material going to every layer? What is that doing?

Also make sure to take a look at the grass material in the starter content -> there you can see a good way how to reduce tiling :slight_smile:

I tend to blender (lerp) same texture map except i use different texture coordinates for second one to make it bigger. you can be fancy and use depth to hide blending next to character :smiley:

Hi Grimshade,

Apologies for the link dump, but here are several that I’ve found and have booked marked in the past. Take a look and see if any of these help your situation.

It may be a combination of different setups that help you get the look you really want. These have helped me in the past with my basic setup to reduce tiling. :slight_smile:

Polycount thread: Landscape Paiting: Basic Issues:

UE4 Forums: Landscape. Paint different detail texture layers based on slopes:

**** This is a UDK/UE3 tutorial but it will carry over. I’ve used this setup previously**** Oliver M’s Blog: Distance Based Texture 3D Modeling & Texturing: Distance Based Texture Blending (UE3/UDK)

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help guys. Lots of learning to do here,and will probably have some follow up questions.

Fighter - good call. I started by using the starter content grass material in my terrain. Going through each node and tweaking the settings to better visualize how it works.

Tim - Gonna play around with the UDK tutorial next.