Terrain - loading weightmaps as layer info not strong enough

Hi, a question about terrain here.

I have a terrain with numerous weighted layers on it, I’m exporting splatmaps from world machine and importing them onto the layerinfos to get the base layers set up. I then intend to work into the terrain with normal painting methods.

My problem is when I load an absolute b/w mask to bring in, say, the cliffside material it comes in at a really low value over whatever is there already. To get it up to strength I have to repeat this process at least 5 times before it completely overwrites the layer that was there.

My question is, is there some way to get these things to come in with more strength? It’s very tedious just reimporting them over and over again. Am I doing something wrong?

Making the splatmaps part of the shader is not an option, as I need to be able to paint on the terrain afterwards.

cheers - Aten

That’s what I do- load in like 10 times. Would love a shortcut.

This sounds like an issue with the splatmap generated in World Machine. What does your splatmap look like?

Its 8 bit png. I ramped it up to full b/w tho for this test. It still only comes in very weak on the terrain

Same for me, happened since the release of UE4, no idea why but it’s very time consuming when you’re working with huge maps that takes a while to load. Would love to hear why and if there is a way around it.

Should be fixed by Gareth Martin at Epic as of this morning you’ll be pleased to know :smiley:

‘It was normalizing all landscape layers, including the newly imported layer, instead of only normalizing the other layers’

Fantastic! Will it make it into 4.8?

Hey guys,

Just FWIW, you could work around this issue by using non-weight-blended layers. With non weight blended layers, the other the layers are used in the material editor defines the order. With weight-blended layers, order doesn’t matter since painting one layer erases all the others in that spot.