Terrain displacement not showing


I´ve been struggling on getting displacement to show up on my terrain for quite some time and I havent been able to find any answers myself so I though I would post it here and se where it goes.

I can see the displacement happening on my terrain in the shader preview and I can also see the landscape actors outline showing that it has displacement in the shape, but I cannot see any displacement when looking at the terrain.

What could be causing this? I think I have the shader setup correctly, I have my landscape layer node connected to the regular displacement node flow, the texture input then multiplies with the vertexnormal and a displacement factor.

Any help is really appreciated!

Thanks, Simon

Hello Fozwroth,

So tessellation is currently not functioning in the preview release, and this has been reported (UE-25334) which is going to affect the quality of World Displacement since there is no way to increase the Vertex count for your landscape.

With that being said, follow the set up I have provided to get your World Displacement to function correctly. You will always want either a displacement map, heightmap, or pull from the red channel which holds those values of information.

Vertex Displacement

As you can see I have created an Scalar Parameter to increase/decrease the displacement intensity. Below is an example of this occurring when applied to a landscape actor.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,


Thanks for the response. I realize now that I filed it under the wrong engine version, I’m actually on 4.10.2.

I tried following the example but I still get the same results, I can see the displacement in the selection outline but no actuall displacement close to the camera.

Could it be anything with the texture settings that can cause this behaviour? it is all set to the default values


Could you provide me with some screenshots of your material graph and of your tessellated landscape applied in the viewport?

Perhaps you are overlooking a small feature. Be sure you have enabled tessellation within the material itself as well.



I’ve tried several different setups, different types of displacement, only having one texture and following the example but I still cant seem to get it quite right.

I managed to get something happening after sampling down my landscape actor by half but still it looks kind of odd. even with a high number in the tessellation multiplier(values ranging from 2 to as mush as 128) it still looks the same

Try removing the Max Displacement option, and using PN Triangles instead to see if that helps.

I am seeing displacement though so that is good. Be sure to view in wireframe to make sure you are not over tessellating your surface and wasting valuable performance resources.