Terrain disappears when using the new water system


I have a problem with the new water system in UE5. The terrain disappears when i drag and drop any of the default water body type.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

I’m confused. Your terrain is still visible in the bottom screenshot.

The real terrain is actually the round patch in the middle of the spline circle. I will add better capture

Oh I see, you mean the mountain is being removed. It’s probably something to do with your landmass layer settings or the water settings. Here’s a tutorial for you: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Water Plugin Part 1: Getting Started - YouTube

You are using Landmass not Landscape right?

I use the classic landscape with Enable Edit Layers.

I think the water system is only compatible with Landmass. Ie using the spine system to dynamically deform the terrain. With the traditional terrain system there could be z axis issues as sometimes heightmaps can cause the terrain to be well below z zero. Try using the spline tools to create your terrain and see if the issue still persists.

It does the same thing even after I reinstalled the engine. It doesn’t matter anymore. I will continue to use a water plane. Thanks for the help.

Hmmm… that’s strange. My only thought then is there’s something wrong with your setup. Granted, I found the new water system is a bit limiting in that it’s really hard to make an ocean that’s really large. If you use the maximum landscape size, you can’t get the ocean to encompass the whole landscape. Maybe you’re better off using the old method. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Maybe this will help a little bit more hopefully.

This is expected behaviour I believe, you have to edit the splines and add more splines into the spline component depending on the complexity of your shoreline.
What you do is first you select the waterbody spline and scale it so that your whole sculpted landscape is showing.
After this you can edit start dragging the points closer to your landscapes shoreline and add more points into it, this will take a long time to do if your landscape is a complex shape.
As of right now I don’t think there is a way to do it automatically.

You just need to lower your water actor in the Z-axis, which should help.

UE 5.1 fix this problem

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In 5.1 there is a flag “affect terrain” under Terrain group which solves.


Look at Water Heightmap Settings, Blend Mode on WaterBodyOcean. Set it to Max and see if it helps.