Terrain creation workflow for VR

Hi everyone,

At our company we’re currently working on a VR flight game, of course in UE4. We are having a hard time figuring out the best workflow for terrain and path creation with the constrains we have developing our simulation.

What we want to achieve:

  • A path for the player to fly through across the terrain (river bedding in canyon type of path)
    • Path needs to be easily adjustable in the future.
    • For the path we’re looking at the following options: 1) Landscape splines in UE4 2) Illustrator curves to height maps in World Machine. The last one we think will give us a more natural result
  • High fps since this is essential to a good experience in VR.

We’ve tried the landscape tool and splines for the entire terrain but came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work well performance wise. We will have parts with huge open fields (desert dunes) and the target machine is high end (whatever is available in six months from now, when we plan to release it).

I’m not sure what additional information would be useful to you guys to be able to help us with advice, but I’m just gonna leave the description for what it is and wait for your generous reply.

Thanks in advance, on be half of the Mechamania team.

This tutorial will help with importing the landscape as tiles. when you import your landscape it will only render the landscape tile at a set distance so you can level steam it to improve your performance. Also in your editor go to window and open layers, this is where you can put your level streaming layers. hope that helps