Ten Fantasy Stylish Staff and Wand

Glad to see that it will be Modular! I cant wait for it to hit the marketplace. I keep checking now every week. Btw, do you think you/your partner could make a similar modular blueprint for your other Stylish Weapons pack and update it? That would be much appreciated. I am sure other people would appreciate it as well. :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late reply, life event do happen, The original stylish weapon is not posible for update cause the mesh is stick or build together at one piece, it take very long time to make it working like this one, sorry for that

about the release date, epic marketplace team β€œstill” review my progress, I have no idea when they will finish the review progress

Cheers and thanks for the support


@kaotix thanks for your long wait, please remember to rate the content and show your support, thanks for the long support :slight_smile: