Ten Fantasy Stylish Staff and Wand


Another Indie price friendly assets has arrive to Unreal Marketplace, it come with 10 Fantasy Stylish staffs and Wands mesh, and including blueprint to assembling your own staff and wand from modular mesh,

It also come with 2 set of material (PBR and Unlit for mobile), and extreme high quality texture to make your project look greater. please refer to marketplace link above for more infor- 3d preview, blueprint video example etc


Hi Unreal community!

I receive a some request for making another fantasy weapon pack specify for Staffs and Wands, I decided to make an WIP thread to for this pack and easy for my potential customer to take a sneak peak about what coming up on this pack. You can check the previous set here - 10 Fantasy Stylish Weapon

  • The polycount of all weapon will be limited at 1500 triangle, and with 50% and 25% lod, mobile and thrid person friendly
  • Texture size will be 512 x 1024 for each weapon, come with 2 set of material [PBR and Diffuse/Unlit]
  • Will support Unreal engine version start from 4.12
  • As usual it will be a high quality assets pack

Current / Latest Progress:

All staffs and wands is done now, 3d Preview and more screenshot:

Fantasy Staffs and Wands Modular Blueprint youtube demo, and just submited to marketplace team :slight_smile:

Wand of Vand

Wand of Forsaken (Time)

Wand of Skull

Wand of Ream

Wand of Heavy

Staff of Blink

Staff of Balance

Staff of Soul Torturing

Staff of Crown

Staff of Demon Wing

Thanks for watching

First staff is done, Staff of Demon Wing

Lod from left to right: 1490 triangle, 738 triangle, 291 triangle

Left: PBR material, Right: Diffuse Unlit

Thanks for watching

Just finish sculpt the second staffs, gonna finish the lowpoly then baked the map, and add more detail on normal map

Hi raventhebird. Looking really good. Will they be modular? A in-game assembly tool is a Plus. Broads Strokes did that with 9000 Swords and in my opinion its the only Sword pack one needs as its highly flexible and priced right. I can see the same system being used for Fantasy Staffs/Wands. I’m interested in the direction you take this product.

Hi Techlord, thanks for the word, unfortunity it will not be Modular part, it take alot time to make the quality art, the price will be same with my last fantasy weapon pack.

Just finish the second staff, staff of Crown

Lod 00,01,02

PBR and Unlit material

gonna go do research for the next staff, brb~

Hi, I am really glad you are going to do this pack! The Staff of Crown looks good! Staff of Demon Wing also looks really nice, however I think the Staff of Demon Wing looks more like an Axe, than a Staff.

It requires the same amount of Artwork. As simple as a BP Actor with Interchangeable Parts as Mesh components. More sales, should be the focus for the Hocus Pocus.

Hi, thanks for the kind word,

you can use it as axe or staffs or a spear, it depends on your preference :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time to do a quick mock-up for it, much appreciated your effort,

I have no knowledge or simple stupid af in blueprint, I have to hiring a freelancer to make the swap-able part and the price will be increase, I have no Idea my potential customer will be happy with the price increase.

Anyway if the thing turn into modular set, it will be Head, Handle (Section A, Section B, Handle) and tail. (Might not all modular cause one of the staffs will be full of woood)

Thanks again for your effort!

small update: Finish sculpt the third staffs, Staffs of Soul Torture

Finish the third Staffs, I call this Staff of Soul Torturing

Left PBR, Right Unlit/ Diffuse

Lod 0, Lod 1, Lod 2

A quick update, the Staffs of Balance high poly is done

gonna head to low poly and bed soon, thanks for watching and your supporting

Staff of Balance is done, now moving into staff

Left: PBR Right: Unlit/ Diffuse only

Lod 0, Lod 1, Lod 2,

The last staffs high poly is done, here some screenshot

The last staffs is done, moving to Wand soon

Staff of Blink

Left PBR, Right Diffuse/ Unlit

Lod 0, 1, 2

This looks awesome :smiley:

The staves look real good! Cant wait to see what the wands will look like.

Btw, could you make the wing staff like a Tri-wing? Would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi, thanks for the kind word, too bad the staffs is already full, would you mind to pm me what tri wing look like? so I can try implement it into the wands design :slight_smile:

Really appreciated your kind word :slight_smile: