Ten Fantasy Stylish Staff and Wand

The first Wand is done-

Wand of Heavy

Lod 0, Lod 1, Lod 2

PBR and Unlit material

Wand of Ream is done- Moving to next wand soon :slight_smile:

Left- PBR, Right Diffuse/ Unlit only

Lod 0,Lod 1, Lod 2,

No thanks, I really don’t like the single-wing design on the staff and would not like it on the wand either, so I came up with a way that I would like it on the staff which is my tri-wing idea. And a tri-wing on the staff to me would be much better than on a wand anyways since on the wand it would look more like insect/bug wings than bat/dragon wings. And basically the tri-wing design is same wing design but copy past the staff’s head twice and rotate first copy by 120-degrees and rotate the second copy by 240-degrees so that you have a three-winged head peace to the staff.

Hey man, great stuff… Just wondering will the unlit version come with diffuse texture only?

Hi Majidarif, Unlit version will come with Diffuse texture only, you can take a look of the sample of my last pack in 3d preview here: left is PBR material, Right is Unlit which only use 1 texture

Just finish the Wand of Skull

Left PBR material, Right Unlit/Diffuse only

Lod 0, lod 1, lod 2

Just finish the highpoly of Wand of Forsaken, here the screenshot

It’s not very hard. I could show you how to do it in… 2 minutes? The big thing is to make sure the pieces are the same size, and the pivot points are in the same places across each mesh. TBH, I was going to do this myself once it’s released and I grabbed it.

Yeah, I don’t think I’d like to see a price increase for something that takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

@SaviorNT: Would you be very kind and make a tutorial video and put it on youtube? I would like to know how to do that with this asset and the other assets I already have. Please and Thanks!

Nice I like the Wand of Forsaken! Just wish the clock hands had animation or does it? also I think I’d call it Wand of Time instead and have it able to cast spells such as haste or slow or could even make it to where you had to have Wand of Time in order to be able to pause a multiplayer game and it only lasts for like 30secs or something idk just ideas thrown out there. I also like that wand of skull too. That Wand of skull got me thinking bout setting them up in a map like torches but be wands of skull that shoot lazer beams out its eye sockets. lol

Thanks for the offer, I just talk with my blueprint partner he say he can help me out with that :), I really appreciated your offer

Price stay same, TBH the amount of work and effort I put on this I can sell it for higher price, the price stay at 4.99 because I want support some small indie studio without much funding, hope you understand that

I will try my best to make the clock hand with animation, if it success call it a bonus :), about the naming, you can call it whatever name you prefer, its much better for my side to give it a temporary name instead of Wand of No 1, wand of No 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking the Staff of skull accually adsorb enemy spirit or soul when it land a kill, but all the creativity is on the buyer side, do whatever you like with them :slight_smile:

Wand of Forsaken (or Wand of time) is done

Lod 0, Lod 1, Lod 2


Left PBR, Right Unlit material

The final Wand is here, Wand of Vand

Lod 0, 1, 2

Left PBR, Right Unlit Diffuse only

Now I gonna breaking up the assets for Modular part as request, and sending it to my partner for a simple blueprint for it

Just finish break those wand and staffs into modular part, and import it into UE4 and setup socket, I gonna wait my partner wake up so I can let him doing the blueprint job :slight_smile:

My partner finish the blueprint and doing some minor bug fix :slight_smile:

here the demo of the Modular part assembling blueprint:

and just submitted to epic

Special thanks @kaotix @TechLord @SaviorNT for keep inspiring me over the whole WIP thread, ,much thanks

HOLY SMOKES! Amazing work Team Freaking Exhausted! I’m snatching me up a license as soon as hits the Unreal Marketplace.

Awesome! I’m glad to see the pack is modular in design, congrats :slight_smile:

One thing I see (no huge deal tbh), is the int values can be switched for editable enums with names. Its a very minor change, and it may be well suited for integers anyways to let the dev’s name the pieces as they see fit. Nice job though! Especially seeing both the SK as well as the SM variants. That’s unexpected, as most weapon packs are one or the other.