TemporalAA & Motion Vectors

If I understand correctly, Temporal AA in Unreal relies on having accurate per-pixel motion vectors is that right? Or is it based entirely on movement on-screen?

if so, is there anyway I can set those motion vectors manually? The problem I have is that our custom movement component updates the position of the object, but doesn’t give it any velocity, therefore I’m getting a fair bit of jittering around the edges of the objects.

I need information on this as well.

This could be solved by previous world position offset output node. Previous Time input node would also be very handy.

Try this:
New: Motion Blur and Anti-aliasing for Vertex Animation Materials

Materials that animate vertices using World Position Offset can now output accurate motion vectors. The motion vectors allow per-pixel motion blur from the procedural animation. Additionally Temporal Anti-Aliasing and Distance Field Ambient Occlusion can correctly reproject to prevent undesirable blurring.

Visualization of per-pixel velocities from a tree animated with World Position Offset.


Nice. Just what I wanted.

Is there any example of ‘Materials that animate vertices using World Position Offset’. I have never seen this approach.

And how was the tree visualized?