TemporalAA generates flickering effect in 4.15


I’ve updated my project to UE 4.15. There is a new, previously unseen flickering issue when TAA is used.

Here is a video of the issue : - YouTube . Play in 1080 to see what happens.

Image version :


Hey Gwenn,

While I appreciate the video this isn’t enough information to go off of. Could you try to narrow down the situation to its most basic elements that still reproduce the issue.

For example remove all of the unrelated content like the UI elements and backdrops. Once you have removed everything you can it should start revealing what assets are contributing to the issue.

This is important because I have no idea what your scene may contain. There could be post process settings, light types or settings, material issues, etc… that could contribute to the problem.

Ideally, it would be best if you could provide a list of steps that reproduces the issue in a blank/template project.



Well, I got rid of the issue by setting r.PostProcessAAQuality to 3 instead of 4.

I identified that UI or backdrops didn’t have an effect. It looks like the highest AA setting in Temporal has a “sharpening” filter that affects distant objects. Zooming on the object makes the issue go away.

I’m glad you found a solution to your issue. We have made significant changes to the tonemapper and some post process settings by default in 4.15 so I’m not surprised you are seeing some changes. If you find that this is a bug with the engine or would like additional investigating feel free to leave a comment.

For the time being I am marking your post as the answer and this ticket as resolved.


Well this one annoys me too as it makes TAA somehow useless and if you combine it with DOF it looks horrible while moving.