Temporal AA kills fps on mobile

Hello everyone. Ive got a problem and cant find solution anywhere. My mobile game runs smoothly on my device, around 40-50 fps. But after turning mobile HDR and placing post process volume with TemporalAA fps goes arround 4-5. Without AA game looks awful, aliasing is everywhere. Is there any way to make TemporalAA less expensive, or another way of removing aliasing and make models look smoother? I just want to remove awful aliasing (and save as much performance as possible), dont need any post processing effects.

Thank you in advance!

No, there is not. Temporal AA is not made for mobile devices, and it will not run smoothly for a long time to come.

The real question is: Why do you see so much aliasing on your mobile device in the first place. Most mobile devices have a much higher DPI than the average monitor. Most phones are 1080 and tablets even higher. So aliasing becomes almost invisible at that point.

Everything should look crisp unless you force it to play on a lower resolution.

Hello. I`m sorry, i didnt notice your answer. What are the reasons that can cause such aliasing? The only way to remove it is to set screenpercentage to 200% which also kills fps.