Temple of Snek - 1.0 launching Wed 15th Feb 2023

Temple of Snek is a rhythm+exploration-based puzzle game, set in an interconnected puzzle-dungeon, with traditional Snake-like movement.

I first posted about it on here in August 2021 when it first entered early access, but now it’s finished and leaving early access in a couple of days!

Launch trailer:

You control Snek, a giant snake who starts off small but grows each time you eat a looter, in the traditional snake way. Sometimes the challenge is needing to grow a bit longer in order to progress, and sometimes it’s knowing what to do with all that tail. As the world unlocks, metroidvania-fashion, there are new puzzle types and NPCs, and puzzles that seemed impossible become solvable as you learn about how Snek moves and stacks in three dimensions.

The story is actually about sustainability. Before long it becomes clear that the real villains are conquistadors, who are there to not only take gold but to ravage the environment. Snek’s ultimate goal is to deal with the conquistadors and protect her world, and in the end the puzzles are about staying small instead of endless growth.

It’s been in early access for about a year and a half, and in that time it’s gained hours story-mode, custom snek-skins and a level editor. All of which is made almost entirely with Blueprint. There are only a few lines of C++, for a few special-case nodes. It’s in UE5.1, which helps get a few extra frames per second while moving all those splines around!

It’s on Steam now, version 1.0 drops on Wed 15th Feb, and there’s a free demo too.

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Hi there @MrBehemo,

Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

What a charming and innovative game (with an even better title)! It’s clear a lot of character has gone into its development. From being able to color your own unique Snek to some rather creative maps. Wonderfully done!

Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more. :smiley: