Templates, 2 use or not 2 use?

Is there any reason not to use a template?
Does it have any downfalls? You can customize a template, right?
So, if you are making a FPS or an action-adventure 3rd person, you can just use the template and edit it right?
Or would making a 3rd person game be better/ more professional doing it from scratch?


As with any things that is provided as a template, these can be a good starting point for your development.

If you’re main goal right now is just fleshing out a playable level design these can work great because you don’t need to setup a player character from scratch. These also work well because you do have the ability to extend the functionality of these player characters or you can choose to replace them all together without much hassle. It’s really just up to what your needs are currently.

Great! What is a great place to learn to create a player character from scratch?
I joined Digital tutors and got their tutorials, that’s a rip off! And I haven’t found much anywhere.
Everything I find requires you to use their stuff, that’s pre-made. They don’t show you how to make anything, just how to place stuff, like rocks and particles and such. But I need to learn how to make stuff from scratch!

Use a blank project template and then look at one of the existing templates for the genre that you want to make.

This is how I built my game … I started with a blank and then looked at the way the Top Down Template worked and added that to my project step-by-step. I found this to be far more beneficial then a tutorial as I was able to understand what each blueprint was supposed to be doing.

You will want to use a template to get started, I do this all the time. I’ve prototyped two FPS shooters since last year and using the FPS template got me up and running incredibly fast. The templates are so basic and clean, it makes it very easy to slowly add in your own custom functionality and build your game.

As for how to actually program your game’s functionality and systems, that’s a different story. There are a ton of free tutorials on youtube and a google search can get you going in the right direction. Also make sure to check the UE4 wiki, lots of useful knowledge there. I also wanted to comment on what you said about Digital Tutors; if you’re going to pay for game development education you might as well get your money’s worth. Most of their instructors have never worked in the games industry or worked on actual AAA games. Personally I don’t think anyone should be paying for training from someone with no industry credentials, it makes no sense to me. If I were you, your money is better invested in training from UArtsy, which was founded by Ryan Kingslien; they have instructors on there that have worked on AAA games like Halo 4, those are the people you want to learn from. Just my two cents anways.

Take care and good luck with your game project!

Thanks for the replies… I got a free subscription to Digital Tutors from a local Tech School. Point being, DT sucks ***. Allot of the tutorials are hard to understand because of improper English or improper microphone use. I just signed up for UArtsy and I will give it a go.

@ qdelpeche;
That is the way I am going to work…

i like to start with a basic c++ project and then just add the feature packs. that way you can just copy the parts you need into your own folders and delete the feature packs folder later if you don’t need it anymore.

oh and i usually copy in my DefaultInput.ini so save me setting up the inputs every time.

if i am just trying to flesh out an idea then i just use a template.